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Cell Phone Trends – Is Red the new…PINK?!

Oh no, say anything but… is pink out in the mobile world? Sure, T-Mobile (Mr. Pink themselves) and Verizon, Sprint… have great new phones in pink (stay tuned for some of these)… but AT&T (a bit of a leader since the iPhone) only has slightly older models in the shade(s). With them, and others too [...]

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Paris Hilton Custom Bought Ultimate Barbie Dream Car

  So you know we girls like to treat ourselves with one great present each holiday season? Well Paris Hilton is like the ultimate girly-girl, so hers would be pink (awesome, of course) and even more great for this blog is its a big fantastic gadget – a car. Paris Hilton custom ordered herself an [...]

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SkinIt: Your Laptop (any brand, or any gadget)

In my last article I tried to convince all chic geeks NOT to lust after a computer merely for its pink sheen, when instead we can have a perfectly tailored skin. Whether you have your laptop or are about to buy one, you can go to SkinIt.com, pick your ‘puter and choose from numerous designs, [...]

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Pink XPS Makes you Blue About Your Plain Laptop?

When I bought my laptop, Dell was (unbeknownst-to-me) about to debut laptop skins—with custom “you-designing” available (see next post), and I was bummed I missed out on THAT. (I did get my skin later though.) And just recently Dell put out the XPS laptop available with a “flamingo” pink actual body, shiny metal and all [...]

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