Is Twitter Killing Blogging?

Is the easy micro-ness of constant 140 char-max Tweets, with capabilities for linking and sharing pics, going to kill the “art” of blogging, or “macro” blogging?

Twitter killed blogging

I think it’s doing it for me. It used to be I dropped a topic when I couldn’t think of more than a sentence to write, now I can Tweet it from an appropriate account that matches its comparable blog’s topic. Or perhaps I’d even ponder the subject for a while to flesh out something meaningful to write. Suddenly tweets such as, “bag-gasm!” + link suffice.

It’s become really, really hard for me to macro blog anymore. And it’s pretty evident by the fact that I’m not really doing it. Barely here, or on Kiss Me Stace, not at all at Bag Dream, etc.

One example is for this blog, I want to write about this really gorgeous laptop case. And all I can think of writing is “elegant”. God, sometimes I can’t even fill out the 140 chars, and it’s horrible.

Someone needs to do some research on whether (and if so, how much) regular blog posts have lessened since Twitter rose to such fame. But it can’t be I, because I’m not only now a Twit, but Twitterpated by a boy. Double whammy on me, and it’s really not productive!

Just watch out for when monetizing becomes easier and more direct. Yowch.

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Quick Online Dating Review:

This will be quick, because I can’t know for sure about a full review until (if) I’m married to someone from a dating site. Or well, at my 50th anniversary, or I become a widow…. damn, where’s my mind going in this happy time? …

Anyway, I joined a while back when I was fed up with Now after an initial technical snafu, which need not be mentioned right now, I met a few people.

Basically my review is positive, because I met someone who seems to be great …. and I wouldn’t have met him otherwise. No, not on He’s a bit far away from me, on the opposite side of Florida’s Everglades, and neither of us specifically look very far from our homes. But Chemistry still showed him my profile, and the rest is … the future? Tehe.

Now this is very different from when “matches” you (or lets winks occur, etc.) with people you’re not looking for. Like say you’re a woman and you upload gorgeous photos of yourself … and then you get people over 20 years older than you are contacting you. Yeah, not the same kind of expanding your range.

So far, Chemistry = Win.

I’ll keep you posted, since it is related to this blog. (Yay.)

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Lost in Further Nerd-dom (& Google!)… Prt B

So, continuing my nerdy adventures, a guy from contacted me. No, not through Chemistry, but YouTube. (My YouTube account link, in case you want to check it out.) Scary? No, not to me – impressive! A guy so computer geeky he needs not to pay for dating sites. This really inspired me.

We’ve gone out a couple of times, but our nerdiness and awkwardness really slowed things down. Right now it’s like a snail in hibernation, but that’s alright.

I went on to practice my own Googling skills because I feel i should really fulfill my Internet Superpower potential, don’t you think?

So every time someone says something I want to learn more about, I now Google it. I don’t take things for granted anymore. No faulty argument can fool me!

This Googling-everything thing can get one into trouble, if one isn’t careful, like with the micro-trend of being a DIY Doctor via Google. One night I was crying and my lip swelled and I ended up thinking I was allergic to my own tears (they got on my lip). I thought this was such a romantic fantasy for being an uber nerd – so many allergies including to something from my own body. I’m such a loser – lol. But my friend and I determined it was just my allergy to dust (dust on my pillow, face in pillow). Oh that’s all. It’s ‘k, that’s nerdy, too, right? ;-)

I also searched for people via Google, and I realized the secret to actually finding people is to continue clicking on links on the results pages. Like a user has links to other pages, and also gives hints, like a username can be then put into Google, etc. So my big success is that I found a High School friend I’d been searching for for, literally, years! I found her blog, then her e-mail address, and confirmed her photo on Facebook. Even though I have her e-mail address, I’m nervous about writing, so I just friended her. I still haven’t heard back … but on the plus side I also transferred my college friend from just MySpace into being the newest Facebook user! (And I was her first friend.) Go me.

Then pondering how it seems no one does pay for online dating sites, when another computery guy winked at me on, I decided to try out this approach. I followed him on Twitter, etc. I now understand this can be a “mistake” with some people, but if they’re scared off, it’s due to their own issues, and I don’t need that! See even though this guy’s Twitter bio simply reads, “hacker”, he doesn’t seem to appreciate women who posess those skills. I did read on his Match profile his turn-off is aggression/assertiveness, but I thought I’d pass because I’m very shy in person – I forgot that my lack of shy online might matter, too! Oh well, moving on. You know he has about 500 (probably no exaggeration) FEMALE friends on Facebook, anyway – shady.

Anyway, as it’s obvious I’m able to blog (slash *work*) again, I’ve needed to slow way down on my Second Life usage. I barely sign in anymore except to pay my weekly land tier, which seems a bit ridiculous, but c’est la vie deux. Before I paused I managed to get as far as to mostly finish my first t-shirt! I’m a fast learner, no?

And now that I’ve pretty much told my downtime story, I need to get on to working, and stop this chatting. Except for on Twitter. (My Twitter link.) Can’t help that. ;-)

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MIA While Lost in Further Nerd-dom… prt A

I was forced to take a break from blogging soon after my last post on here because suddenly my eyesight drastically worsened overnight. I went from avoiding my chic glasses (that I barely needed) because my long eyelashes fog them up—to them not even working at all for me while I squinted at any words smaller than H1 with eyes an inch away from my laptop screen, then increasing the font size in Firefox at least twice.

I was nearly blind, but only when it came to reading, for a few days before I was able to borrow a pair of those generic magnifying eyeglasses from a friend. I’ve decided these work really great for me, and plan to go shopping for fashionable pairs, but haven’t yet.

So what to do while I obviously couldn’t write (no proofreading) and couldn’t craft either (I look while I knit and sewing – forget it) – well……..

I decided to start up that web comic I’d been thinking about, but I wanted to use avatars (originally thought from as characters to save me time. I don’t have time for more hobbies, especially ones with no wish for real money-making, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time vectoring each scene myself….

So even though I’m virtually (no pun intended this time, I swear) banned from Second Life because I’d probably most definitely become addicted to it, I found myself trying it out again (first time I surprisingly didn’t like it – but to be fair I gave up on it quickly because after all, it was contraban, tehe).

And well. I ended up forgetting all about (for the time being) the web comic.

Because I’ve realized SL is actually an amazing outlet for me to produce fashion designs for. So I spent some time (I said some, ok? just some) learning how to get around, tweaking my avatar (because that’s absolutely necessary no matter what, doi) and um preparing for starting to learn, and eventually diving into, building in Second Life.

Um, yes, I have bought a home, and pay weekly “tier” but it’s all to help me learn to build and get by in the world. And it hasn’t been all that time consuming.

It’s not like I started having surreal dreams. Or seeing live humans and thinking they look like computer avatars, not vice versa. No no. No. No. No, ok? Well that’s the official story.

It’s all to help me in my career, you see. I’m not playing. Perish the thought!

Now I’m getting antsy with all this work and proofreading, so far, so I’m going to pause my tales for now. But I’ll be “working”, “not” “wasting time on the Internet”.

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Sudden Incompatibility Caused Major Outage

I had a piece of code in the main template file that handles most pages that worked fine until it didn’t. I didn’t upgrade the script, or make any changes. I swear, I may be a loon with no memory (ooh! shiny! look! a squirrel!) but this bit of code was there, all was fine, I did nothing, bam.

It’s all fixed now. I know about when this happened, too. I should have known to check on the site when views dropped to 0, but we just came back and then i hadn’t posted in a few days so I thought it was normal. Well, at least it wasn’t??? Heh.

Enjoy the site, yeap, no real new posts at the moment, but maybe I’ll try to update as soon as I can to make up for the lack of everything.

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Apple is Green to its Core: But Not Eco; Money

Apple Computers is giving us working proof that environmentalism fails in the face of business. If a company produces things made of solar power, we think that’s green, as in environmentally-friendly, right? But if that company attempts to patent this technology, therefore not wishing to share/spread/encourage all competition to do the same (we’re not in competition when the Earth’s life is at stake though!) – that’s not about saving the world at all, it’s about getting the edge = getting the green, but not lush leafy green; dark, dirty dollar signs green.

Dirty is right! And it’s not sexy. Sure, sitting out on my back patio un-plugging away on my fully wireless-ness until I can’t take the global Florida heat anymore sounds like an attractive prospect, but this – it’s not “hot”. In fact, I find it rotten.

*Update* Continue reading »

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Even Nerds Make HUGE Decisions Based on Fashion (video)

And even male nerds. It’s at 1:12…

Normally even I wouldn’t think fashion could sway away presidential votes*, but …. ???WTF??? is that “tie”???!!!

I mean Hilary Clinton needs to go on “What Not to Wear”. Picture that blue suit from her “no decisions” speech unbuttoned and flapping away from her hips. *Shudder*

I don’t think Clinton (as in Clinton Kelly of Stacy and Clinton from WNTW*) wanted her to get more votes from the publicity (*see, not Hilary Clinton herself, she’d fight to get Iraq to vote for her if she could). I’m hoping that’s the reason she didn’t go on to get a makeover. *innocent smile* Shame, really.

Video Star, John’s original blog post.

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SkinIt: Your Laptop (any brand, or any gadget)

In my last article I tried to convince all chic geeks NOT to lust after a computer merely for its pink sheen, when instead we can have a perfectly tailored skin.

Whether you have your laptop or are about to buy one, you can go to, pick your ‘puter and choose from numerous designs, photoshop-up a large image or opt for a mixture of any pictures, a solid color, etc. – many options here for the uber-geek-artiste to the laywoman or even the lazy woman.

And you can skin more than just computers (although only laptop computers are an option); you can doll up anything from printers to headsets (wow). Check this page for a list and portal to all supported devices.

Extra benefits of going in just skin: protection from scratches and dirt AND you can collect new ones every so often (or a bunch at once) and switch them out with your mood, changing obsessions or when a trend is out. They’re not super cheap, but to make your comp chic, at around $30 each, it’s not comparatively expensive to dress your favorite toy/best partner than it is to dress your own … skin.

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Pink XPS Makes you Blue About Your Plain Laptop?

When I bought my laptop, Dell was (unbeknownst-to-me) about to debut laptop skins—with custom “you-designing” available (see next post), and I was bummed I missed out on THAT. (I did get my skin later though.)

And just recently Dell put out the XPS laptop available with a “flamingo” pink actual body, shiny metal and all – also (Product) Red, blue and black.

Now after checking out the “Build Your Dell” features, I don’t feel so bad at all.

I mean: Should I/you get a computer/laptop just because it’s pink??!!!


  • Pink available
  • Good, powerful options
  • Matching bags, sleeves and accessories available.

Cons Continue reading »

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Hot Mac Ad Guy in Movie!

Justin Long - AcceptedThis isn’t the newest of news, but apparently I wasn’t on my ‘puter when I first saw the commercial:

The Hot Mac Ad Guy is in a movie: Accepted!

And apparently his name is Justin Long.

The movie looks stinky but it’s nice to see the (more) ads, I guess.

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