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Ooooooh those Apps are SHINY! (Apple iPhone)

Hoping to land a new job with a nice comfortable middle income, and also realizing even my small bags are now large enough for non-tiny phones (was part of my quest), and well—-a phone is a phone based on its features, but there are always PINK cases…….so….. Well we’ve all been seeing the awesome iPhone [...]

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Sharp Car! Stylish, Purple & Custom MP3 Horn!

This smooth, sleek, ultra stylish and luxurious—ultra violet car is not only snazzy, it’s fit for a queen! Well, a princess… ok women! Well, rich women. (Princess and queen again, then?) Anyway, not only does it come in shiny purple, but the horn sound is customizable, enabled to play an mp3. Material girl? Gold digger? [...]

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Jeopardy Geeked Out – Leet Style

Fun tidbit. Yesterday’s Jeopardy geeked out, or perhaps, “leeted” (or l33ted? ok I’m not a “member”) out with one of their “clues”. To paraphrase: What search engine is spelled out in this “leet” language: 600673 (.com) ? The answer after this…

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Cell Phone Trends – Is Red the new…PINK?!

Oh no, say anything but… is pink out in the mobile world? Sure, T-Mobile (Mr. Pink themselves) and Verizon, Sprint… have great new phones in pink (stay tuned for some of these)… but AT&T (a bit of a leader since the iPhone) only has slightly older models in the shade(s). With them, and others too [...]

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Paris Hilton Custom Bought Ultimate Barbie Dream Car

  So you know we girls like to treat ourselves with one great present each holiday season? Well Paris Hilton is like the ultimate girly-girl, so hers would be pink (awesome, of course) and even more great for this blog is its a big fantastic gadget – a car. Paris Hilton custom ordered herself an [...]

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“Green” MacBook? Leaves us Green with Envy

This new Mac Book looks great, mix the Mac Book green with pro and make it small (13″ width, widescreen would be nice) and it could be my next computer. It’s a good thing the economy is the way it is though, because there is no mention of this machine on whatsoever. Or any [...]

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How is a girl to know that the same website about which she posted last night will do its own blog feature on geekitude goodies the next morning? Hmm. On to the fun. The products in Etsy’s gifts for one’s “beloved” geek are quite original; nothing I’d really seen before. Here are my two highlights, [...]

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Tetris Clutch Purse

I may be a computer whiz now, and though I’m generally a fast learner, some technologies take me a while. Things like cell phones did, and now it’s the Facebook (mostly the new ver.) that gets me with its bugs and general lack of untuitive flow – yes, I blame FB. Anyway, one thing I [...]

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French Accent Character in Re-Captcha?

When Language comes into play(ed with) on the World Wide Web… is the functionality of code lost in translation? Stupidity wins another battle in our society, unfortunately. I just found the word, “crêpes” in a ReCaptcha box. Yes, it displayed the character “ê“. Sensing it wouldn’t even accept the correct visual – and correct spelling [...]

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TipByte: Status Bar disappeared in Firefox?

*Update* 12/19/08: If this tip below doesn’t work for you, check the newest tip below. Click here to jump. I don’t know if it was my mistake, or the folks at Mozilla thought the status bar wasn’t necessary for Firefox 3.0 – but mine had disappeared. I’m a busy girl so I let this torture [...]

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