TipByte: Status Bar disappeared in Firefox?

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*Update* 12/19/08: If this tip below doesn’t work for you, check the newest tip below. Click here to jump.

I don’t know if it was my mistake, or the folks at Mozilla thought the status bar wasn’t necessary for Firefox 3.0 – but mine had disappeared. I’m a busy girl so I let this torture me for days of not being able to preview hyperlinks’ URLs (which is a scary thing indeed, it’s dangerous sometimes for real!).

But a bit of poking around led me to the simplest cure: If this happened to you

Click View, then toggle click Status Bar. It should now be checked and remain. You may even now feel free to turn on/off as you please.

Mine’s staying. Whew!!

*Update* I just found this post on Google when I encountered this again, but this time it’s due to being mid-Firefox upgrade. What fixed it this time was closing and re-opening Firefox. The upgrade was complete and my status bar returned. I don’t know why this happened. But I hope I can help some others!

Footer-Note: This little post is no sign of the quality of great posts that are to come soon. However, we will now run a series of occasional extremely short tips, under the tag: Tip Bytes. (See the tags below.)

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