Quick Online Dating Review: Chemistry.com

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This will be quick, because I can’t know for sure about a full review until (if) I’m married to someone from a dating site. Or well, at my 50th anniversary, or I become a widow…. damn, where’s my mind going in this happy time? …

Anyway, I joined Chemistry.com a while back when I was fed up with Match.com. Now after an initial technical snafu, which need not be mentioned right now, I met a few people.

Basically my review is positive, because I met someone who seems to be great …. and I wouldn’t have met him otherwise. No, not on Match.com. He’s a bit far away from me, on the opposite side of Florida’s Everglades, and neither of us specifically look very far from our homes. But Chemistry still showed him my profile, and the rest is … the future? Tehe.

Now this is very different from when Match.com “matches” you (or lets winks occur, etc.) with people you’re not looking for. Like say you’re a woman and you upload gorgeous photos of yourself … and then you get people over 20 years older than you are contacting you. Yeah, not the same kind of expanding your range.

So far, Chemistry = Win.

I’ll keep you posted, since it is related to this blog. (Yay.)

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  1. TheFallen
    Posted August 19, 2008 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    Things like that end real quickly, my belief is if u meet someone that likes you and they are kind and genuine you should work on the relationship. You never know who is gonna show up to these online dating things, but if its someone that likes you (hopefully romantic) then you got to scoop him up when u get the chance. As a user of one such site, I can say I found great results with a nice person that understood me and balanced my faults, and I couldn’t be happier. : )

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