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I was forced to take a break from blogging soon after my last post on here because suddenly my eyesight drastically worsened overnight. I went from avoiding my chic glasses (that I barely needed) because my long eyelashes fog them up—to them not even working at all for me while I squinted at any words smaller than H1 with eyes an inch away from my laptop screen, then increasing the font size in Firefox at least twice.

I was nearly blind, but only when it came to reading, for a few days before I was able to borrow a pair of those generic magnifying eyeglasses from a friend. I’ve decided these work really great for me, and plan to go shopping for fashionable pairs, but haven’t yet.

So what to do while I obviously couldn’t write (no proofreading) and couldn’t craft either (I look while I knit and sewing – forget it) – well……..

I decided to start up that web comic I’d been thinking about, but I wanted to use avatars (originally thought from meez.com) as characters to save me time. I don’t have time for more hobbies, especially ones with no wish for real money-making, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time vectoring each scene myself….

So even though I’m virtually (no pun intended this time, I swear) banned from Second Life because I’d probably most definitely become addicted to it, I found myself trying it out again (first time I surprisingly didn’t like it – but to be fair I gave up on it quickly because after all, it was contraban, tehe).

And well. I ended up forgetting all about (for the time being) the web comic.

Because I’ve realized SL is actually an amazing outlet for me to produce fashion designs for. So I spent some time (I said some, ok? just some) learning how to get around, tweaking my avatar (because that’s absolutely necessary no matter what, doi) and um preparing for starting to learn, and eventually diving into, building in Second Life.

Um, yes, I have bought a home, and pay weekly “tier” but it’s all to help me learn to build and get by in the world. And it hasn’t been all that time consuming.

It’s not like I started having surreal dreams. Or seeing live humans and thinking they look like computer avatars, not vice versa. No no. No. No. No, ok? Well that’s the official story.

It’s all to help me in my career, you see. I’m not playing. Perish the thought!

Now I’m getting antsy with all this work and proofreading, so far, so I’m going to pause my tales for now. But I’ll be “working”, “not” “wasting time on the Internet”.

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