Pink XPS Makes you Blue About Your Plain Laptop?

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When I bought my laptop, Dell was (unbeknownst-to-me) about to debut laptop skins—with custom “you-designing” available (see next post), and I was bummed I missed out on THAT. (I did get my skin later though.)

And just recently Dell put out the XPS laptop available with a “flamingo” pink actual body, shiny metal and all – also (Product) Red, blue and black.

Now after checking out the “Build Your Dell” features, I don’t feel so bad at all.

I mean: Should I/you get a computer/laptop just because it’s pink??!!!


  • Pink available
  • Good, powerful options
  • Matching bags, sleeves and accessories available.


  • It’s only the XPS machine, whereas I bought the special “media” (good for recording sound, video display and high storage, etc.) Inspiron. My machine suits me best! (And that is the most important thing, we must remember.)
  • It’s not available in anything smaller than 15.4″ size. No matter the color, that won’t do for some!
  • Windows XP is no longer offered, only Vista can be purchased with the PC (at least online).
  • They’re really hawking the stupid product offers, it’s quite annoying and could be really confusing to the lesser knowledged.
  • If you get a stick-on skin, it will fit the machine A-OK-Enough and you can put your own artwork on it! Plus this adds protection. What good is a shiny pink gadget with scratches? Huh? Huhhh???!

Well, I’m satisfied. Stay tuned for more on those skins (oh it’s probably spelled “skinz” if I know the world we live in now well enough!)… But if you’re still intrigued by this machine or need a new laptop anway, check out the Dell XPS online now – and if you’d prefer a different notebook, remember the skins/z!

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