Cell Phone Trends – Is Red the new…PINK?!

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Pantech DuoOh no, say anything but… is pink out in the mobile world? Sure, T-Mobile (Mr. Pink themselves) and Verizon, Sprint… have great new phones in pink (stay tuned for some of these)… but AT&T (a bit of a leader since the iPhone) only has slightly older models in the shade(s).

With them, and others too (eek!) what abounds is a sea of red. Is red really the new chic color for girls…huh?

Well if you’re a pink warrior like I, you don’t need to fret whatever your carrier is…. there are usually pink snug-fitting cases/faceplates for at least the most popular or coolest models or shapes. (And the shape/opening style is one actually more important feature, thanks to availability of covers, yes I must admit).

Example, this transparent hot pink case for the (AT&T) Pantech Duo from EliteExtreme.

So you shouldn’t delay when in need of upgrading your old phone. (Older models are faster obsolete with the new 3G, in my speculation.) Find your best “fit” and browse for some fitting & flattering shaded case. Who knows, you might prefer a black & white polka dot cellie instead! There’s a world of imagined possibilities out there. Phones can be like clothes. (And that’s why this blog exists.)

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  1. Viv.
    Posted February 7, 2009 at 1:37 am | Permalink

    Hm. Maybe it’s for Valentine’s Day. I know, lame. Maybe you/we should all wait for March. That reason is enough to just avoid anything red for the commercial aspect.

  2. Posted February 7, 2009 at 6:18 pm | Permalink

    Oh thanks. Good thinking. I will definitely try to wait until at least after Valentine’s Day, probably March. Good thing I was delayed… :-)

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