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How is a girl to know that the same website about which she posted last night will do its own blog feature on geekitude goodies the next morning? Hmm. On to the fun. The products in Etsy’s gifts for one’s “beloved” geek are quite original; nothing I’d really seen before. Here are my two highlights, but I personally feel I must amend that these products are much more for brainiac nerds than geeks (according to my terms). But still, fun!

Elements of Structural Crochet
Structural Crochet examples
It took me a few minutes to figure this out, hint: look at “increase” and “decrease”. ;-)

Math on a Chalkboard Coasters
Math on Chalkboard coasters
At first view, these freak me out with thoughts of aluminum scratching on slate with that #1-hated sound … but they’re really just printed! Whew… *still admittedly nervous* ;-)

Below the original article there’s a collection including even more nerd-appealing handmade products. Check it out!

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